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Our Expertise

Operational Excellence

We believe our focus on recruiting and maintaining experts that can manage each local operation allows us to create value across our businesses and investments. Regardless of the business segment in which we may be operating, we employ operational experts that know the business, know how to evaluate and manage our cost structure, make appropriate adjustments to structure and services, and expand into new markets in opportunistic ways.

Our talented and industry-specific management teams, as well as a motivated, professional workforce with market-specific knowledge and expertise, create value for clients, customers, and shareholders by maintaining industry-leading margins. Our collaborative management process is aligned with market demands, ensuring our operations consider local market conditions when leveraging technology and work processes in order to improve efficiencies.

Hands-On Management

Our goal at FNF is to foster and support a corporate culture where our employees and managers seek to operate independently and profitably at the local level, while continually learning and improving performance based on best practices shared across the enterprise. To meet this end, we utilize a relatively flat managerial structure, providing our employees with a sense of individual ownership.

This hands-on management approach has successfully built our title business over an extended period of time, resulting in our business attaining the size, scope and leading presence in the industry today. Our managerial approach enables us to consistently keep profit responsibility close to local revenue production in order to meet margin goals.

Leverage of Shared Services through Technology

We continually deploy new information system technologies to our operations in order to improve shared services and expedite the delivery of our products to our customers. We support our multiple brands and business lines by maintaining a careful balance between centralized and decentralized technology, enabling us to closely control operational systems, manage risk, protect the confidentiality of data, ensure the integrity of our data in a leveraged way, and reduce technology expenses, while allowing fast decision-making and improved adaptability to local conditions.

Disciplined Merger & Acquisition Strategies

At Fidelity National Financial, our goal is to create shareholder value through a disciplined measurement approach. For more than thirty years, we have monitored local market conditions and operational performance by reporting on core metrics each week; these reports provide a real-time view of how each operation is impacted by actual, not forecasted, local trends. In addition, we strictly monitor metrics that ensure productivity is evenly matched with staffing levels and in line with proven best practices.

FNF’s steady and disciplined measurement approach results in industry-leading margins, despite challenging market conditions. We have a rich history in the highly regulated industry of title insurance, but as we find opportunities in other industries, we take the lessons learned from creating the industry’s leading title insurance companies and apply the management practices that made us successful to these new investments.

Our investment in non-title businesses reinforces the diversity of our revenue streams, which is key to continued growth, profitability, and a solid, conservative balance sheet. We are confident that our investment strategy and disciplined management of these opportunities will continue to generate meaningful value for our shareholders.

We have a strong track record of creating value for our shareholders.

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