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Corporate Precepts

At FNF®, we’re committed to upholding our company’s core values, which inspire us to do our best each day. The six corporate precepts on which FNF® was founded are:

Autonomy & Entrepreneurship

Provide employees with levels of authority based on their responsibilities, then empower them to make decisions and resolve problems as close as possible to the point of client contact.

Bias for Action

Analyze tasks, reach decisions and implement solutions as soon as possible. Challenge all assumptions and strive continuously for improvement. Be accessible, responsible and decisive. Take ownership of all problems and accept all challenges.

Customer-Oriented and Motivated

Offer clients meaningful, customized products and services, the expertise and passion for finding solutions to customers’ problems, and the desire to establish long-term business relationships based on a mutual exchange of value.

Minimize Bureaucracy

Maintain a lean management structure in which performance, productivity and problem resolution are the priorities, as well as the basis, for success and achievement.

Employee Ownership

Encourage employee ownership of company stock to strengthen employee commitment and ensure a common purpose among shareholders, management and employees.

Highest Standard of Conduct

Adhere to all related laws, regulations and principles of conduct to protect the public’s trust, ensure conscientious performance and preserve the Company’s legacy of honesty and strong ethical standards.

About Us

Outside of our main product, the title insurance policy, we also offer closing and escrow services, as well as other title-related services. We help protect the rights of both residential and commercial property owners against unexpected legal and financial claims that may arise after closing. Coverages can vary by state or locality, but our nationwide expertise can handle them all. This expertise allows us to help lenders, builders, developers, attorneys, and real estate professionals grow and succeed. We are also a provider of annuity and life insurance products, providing deferred annuities, including fixed index annuities, fixed rate annuities, and immediate annuities and indexed universal life insurance through our wholly-owned subsidiary, FGL Holdings ("F&G). FNF® is consistently recognized as an industry leader by highly respected organizations. Accolades bestowed on the company over the past decade include:

  • Named to the FORTUNE 500® on an annual basis.
  • Highest Ranked FORTUNE 500® in the Title Insurance Industry
  • Selected by FORTUNE® as one of America’s Most Admired Companies
  • Identified by Forbes as a Global 2000 Company
  • Chosen by Forbes as one of The World’s Best Companies
  • Selected by Forbes as one of the Best Managed Companies in America
  • Named by Forbes to the Platinum 400: America’s Best Big Companies

Executive Team

Our company’s strong performance is lead by a team of dynamic and seasoned leaders who are truly the best in the business.

bio image of Bill Foley

Bill Foley

Non-Executive Chairman of the Board

bio image of Randy Quirk

Randy Quirk

Executive Vice-Chairman of the Board

bio image of MIKE NOLAN


Chief Executive Officer

bio image of Tony Park

Tony Park

Chief Financial Officer

bio image of PETER SADOWSKI


Chief Legal Officer

bio image of John Crowley

John Crowley

Chief Information Officer

bio image of PAUL PEREZ


Chief Compliance Officer & Deputy Chief Legal Officer

bio image of TARA VAN ROOY


General Counsel, Title Group

bio image of TIFFANY GREEN


Chief Audit Officer

bio image of PAT RHODIN


Chief Risk Officer

bio image of KATIE SCHMIDT


Chief Regulatory Officer

bio image of Liz Reilly

Liz Reilly

Chief Privacy Officer

bio image of Joe Grealish

Joe Grealish

President, Eastern Operations & National Agency Operations

bio image of Ray Marine

Ray Marine

Co-President, Western Operations

bio image of Don Dubois

Don Dubois

Co-President, Western Operations

bio image of DONALD COLE


Chief Underwriting Counsel

bio image of Melissa Circelli

Melissa Circelli

Chief Human Resources Officer

bio image of Brian Maughan

Brian Maughan

Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer

bio image of MIKE GRAVELLE


General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

bio image of Jason Nadeau

Jason Nadeau

Chief Digital Officer

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Corporate Headquarters
601 Riverside Ave., Building 5
Jacksonville, FL 32204

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Fraud Warning

Be alert to internet escrow sites stating that they are affiliated, incorporated or “backed by” Fidelity National Financial, Inc. (FNF®) or its wholly owned subsidiary, Micro General Corporation. These statements are false.

In 1999, Escrow.com was founded by FNF®. It was subsequently sold and, according to its website, Escrow.com was purchased by Freelancer.com (ASX:FLN) in 2015.

Since the sale of Escrow.com, FNF® has not owned, operated, incorporated, backed or otherwise been affiliated with any internet escrow site. Some persons doing business with escrow sites other than Escrow.com have reported sending money to the other escrow sites but have never received merchandise and never found a way to contact the other escrow companies to recover the money sent. If this has happened to you, we recommend that you file a complaint with local law enforcement and online with the FBI at https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/.